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Whether you are seeking qualified personal or new opportunities

JOB2SEA is a sought supplier to the “Blue Denmark” and the maritime industry world-wide and certified under the Maritime Labour Convention as an independent Hiring & Recruiting company.

Our head office is located on northern Falster, which is an hour's drive from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and close to the Fehmarn tunnel construction.Furthermore, we have our own recruiting office in Gdynia, Poland.

JOB2SEA can offer a sustainable pipeline supporting your business staffing strategy and thereby giving you the opportunity to free up resources internal for development and retention of your most valued employees.

At JOB2SEA quality and professional insight are deeply embedded in our way of doing business and we are well aware of how important it is for our customers always having an intact supply chain ensuring them competent and loyal employees.

JOB2SEA has an extensive network and our reach is global, directed towards seafarers and maritime professionals, making us the ideal venue for advertising vacancies for both ashore and at sea.

JOB2SEA is a valuable partner in the maritime industry, with all the potential for a fruitful cooperation.