Recruiter Details

Candina Group S.L.U

We provide services for shipowners as a recruitment and placement agency for seafarers

We have a long history in the shipping business, dating back to 1919. In the 1920s, we established ourselves as a shipping and shipping company. All the experience acquired over these years has consolidated the company as one of the most prestigious companies in management, training and personnel selection.

All this experience has led us to have offices all over the world, managing to offer a personalized service to a multitude of shipowners throughout the world.

In our desire for professionalism and competence, we were one of the first shipping companies to achieve ISO Accreditation.

As a reward for our professionalism we have several awards among which our pride stands out; The Rescue Cup. The ship CANDINA saved an English crew from German submarines, this feat was praised by the English Government with said cup.