Rohde Nielsen A/S

Rohde Nielsen A/S operates worldwide as a general contractor as well as a subcontractor.

Based in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, we have built up a service-minded organisation that concentrates on flexibility, know-how, and efficiency. This reflected in short response times, dedicated performance and clear agreements that are respected throughout the projects. The reason is simple - we are a very professional organisation with a highly qualified team of people.

The investment in training and technology enables us to provide and develop technical and financial attractive solutions to our clients.

We also have our own repair yard and a logistics centre located in Grenaa, Denmark that supports our ships around the clock and around the world. Our new building programme, which gives our fleet a low average age, is also controlled from Grenaa. Technical specifications and work progress are monitored to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers for state-of-the-art design, operational reliability and maximum efficiency.

We are certified to the International Standardization Organisation’s code “ISO 9001” - and safety is not forgotten for one moment: it is together with environmental issues covered by the International Safety Management regulation: we were probably the first dredging company in the world to become ISM certified.

We have provided security for our ships and the ports by implementing procedures to comply with the International Ship and Port Facility Security. The ISPS Code.

A sound combination of innovation, professionalism and reliability and focus on customer needs is the platform for the future development of the Rohde Nielsen organisation.

Our objective remains unchanged – to retain our position as the largest independent dredging contractor in Scandinavia, providing the best service and quality at low cost to the mutual benefit of our clients, our company - and the environment.

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|   Posted : 27.Jun.17
Rohde Nielsen A/S bemandingsafdeling, der er placeret i København, søger til en nyoprettet stilling en rekrutteringsansvarlig for de søfarende.

Rekrutteringsansvarlig |   Location:København

Rohde Nielsen Gruppen søger nye kollegaer

|   Posted : 26.Jun.17
Rohde Nielsen Gruppen søger nye kollegaer

Rohde-Nielsen-Gruppen-s%c3%b8ger-nye-kollegaer |   Location:

Maritim Indkøber

|   Posted : 26.Jun.17
Rohde Nielsen A/S udvider sin indkøbsafdeling.

Maritim-Indk%c3%b8ber |   Location:Grenå


|   Posted : 26.Jun.17
Rohde Nielsen A/S udvider sin bemandingsafdeling i København

Bemandingsassistent |   Location:København


|   Posted : 19.Jan.16
Vi søger projektingeniører til vort hovedkontor

Projektingeni%c3%b8rer |   Location:Copenhagen, Denmark

Navigatører & Mestre

|   Posted : 14.Dec.15
Rohde Nielsen A/S søger Navigatører & Mestre

Navigat%c3%b8rer-And-Mestre |   Location:Denmark


|   Posted : 28.Jul.15
Til servicering af Rederiets flåde på 43 enheder, der sejler world-wide, søger vi nye kollegaer, der kan og vil gøre en forskel. Din opgave sammen med dine kollegaer er at yde den nødvendige assistance og støtte til skibene, og herunder at sikre en kontinuerlig udvikling og vedligeholdelse af enhederne.

Skibsinspekt%c3%b8rer |   Location:Grenaa, Denmark

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